Meet Beth

Beth Phelps initially learned to knit as a young girl from her grandmother who could knit sweaters without patterns.

After college and settling down, she began knitting a little more in between careers and raising a family, and picked it up more vigorously when she began raising alpacas in 2007.  In June 2019, she completed the Webs Expert Knitting Certification Program where she has polished her skills in nearly every knitting topic.

Beth has designed and knit multiple sweaters and other garments during the program including her final Capstone Project which you can read about in her blog. She hopes to pass her skills and knowledge onto budding and experienced knitters alike so they can enjoy and grow from this wonderful and timeless craft.

Pachamama's Alpacas

In addition to running the shop I raise a herd of 15 alpacas and a llama. My alpacas are shorn every Spring, and their carefully selected fiber is mill-processed into this special yarn. Hand-picked, award winning, and locally sourced sheep fleeces are blended in to provide stability and spring to your fine hand knits. All come in their natural colors including white, light fawn, medium and dark fawn, reddish brown, and grey.

According to Inca legend, Pachamama was a sacred Earth spirit who gave the gift of alpacas to all mankind to keep them warm with their beautiful fleece. In return, she expected mankind to take good care of them or she would take them away.