Lessons are in a home setting and are offered for beginners to advanced, building on skills already learned and by creating a specific project. By the end of your lesson series, you will have completed a project that you can wear with pride or give as a special gift.

Registration notes:

Tuition payment is required at registration.

Tuition cannot be refunded for missed classes unless cancelled or rescheduled by The Spin-Off Yarn Shop. Refunds in this case will be prorated.

All lessons are flexibly scheduled, providing a relaxed, enjoyable experience. Homework is assigned in between lessons, giving an opportunity to practice skills and complete the project in logical stages at the student’s own pace.

We ask that you purchase needed yarn and supplies at The Spin-Off Yarn Shop when possible.

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First Beginner's Class - Looped Scarf​

Four 90-minute classes will provide first-time knitters a set of basic knitting skills.  At the first session, student will select yarn and needles (sold separately) to get started right away on a simple, looped scarf. 

Children at about age seven can learn to knit. They should have good focus and concentration on small tasks.

$80 Adults / $40 Children Under 12

Materials costs vary depending on yarn chosen and needles required, but can vary from an estimated $20-$30.

Second Beginner's Class - Quick-Knit Hat

Knit a basic hat in one of three styles – rolled brim, ribbed brim, or all-over ribbed. In three 90-minute classes, learn how to knit using circular and double-pointed needles (DPN’s), and shaping by decreasing stitches to create the crown of the hat

$60 Adults / $30 Children under 12

Price includes versatile pattern for infant through adult sizes using various yarn sizes. Yarn and needles are extra and range approximately $25 – $35.

Learn to Knit Socks

Hand-knit socks make wonderful gifts and are a fun and portable project. In three 90-minute lessons, students will learn to knit a sock on double-pointed needles, create the heel flap, turn the heel, pick up stitches and decrease number of stitches to shape the heel gusset and toes.

$75 Adults / $40 Children under 12.

Tuition includes versatile pattern to make child through adult size socks in three different yarn sizes. Sock yarn and needles sold separately.

Cabling 101

Learn how to make cabled garments by knitting this beautiful cabled hat. Students will learn to “cable left” and “cable right” by using a small cable needle designed for this purpose. Three 90-minute lessons will give you everything you need to knit any cabled project. Students should know how to knit in the round with circular and double point needles and make decreases. Pattern included. Supplies sold separately.

First Fair Isle

There is nothing like Fair Isle to give the knitter the creativity to combine vibrant colors with stunning patterns. This pattern will teach you everything you need to know to be able to make a headband.  Knitter should be able to knit in the round on circular needles. Pattern included, yarn and needles sold separately.


Brioche 101

If you’ve never done the brioche stitch before, here’s the place to begin. We’ll start with just one color so that the stitch becomes a habit!

Two 90-minute lessons will give you everything you need to knit any cabled project. This pattern breaks up the brioche work with lifeline-like garter rows to make correcting mistakes easier. Knitter should know how to knit and purl. Pattern included. Supplies sold separately.


Beginning Lace

Lace can be intimidating the first time you try it. In two or three lessons and with a few basic knitting techniques, you will be well on your way to adding lace embellishments to your projects. After enough repetition, you will easily memorize the pattern, which will soon allow you to knit without looking at the instructions. In between lace panels are several rows of garter stitch. These allow you to rip back easily if you make a mistake. The included pattern gives instructions for making the scarf shawl width as well and includes photo tutorials.

You will learn how to:

  • Read a lace chart.
  • Read written lace directions.
  • Make an SSK, or slip-slip knit and what it should look like.
  • Knit 2 stitches together.
  • Make a yarn-over and what it should look like.
  • Fix the lace if you make a mistake.
  • Block lace.


Yarn and needles sold separately.


Specific Topics and Project Help

Sometimes we run across a pattern that we really want to make, but it has an unfamiliar or intimidating technique in it. We can teach you special topics such as piecing together, cables, color work, mosaic, lace, knitting in the round, or any other technique that you want to learn. Minimum $10 per 20-min increment, $25 for full hour. Contact the shop to schedule an appointment.