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Knitter’s Pride Knitting Pattern Holder


This indispensable pattern holder is a handy way to keep and display patterns and charts while working on a project. While useful for all knitters, it is a must-have for lace and color work knitters.  It stands upright when folded open, vertically or horizontally.  Easy to unfold and fold for storage with snap closure to keep materials neat and secured. Strong magnets keep patterns and/or charts in place with one extra long magnet strip to mark chart lines and keep your place in the project. Features a handy pocket to hold patterns and charts and a pen pocket.  Attractive black poly-jacquard fabric is durable and easy to keep clean.

This product is only available in black.

Small Size:

Dimensions (in open position): 14″ x 10½”
Dimensions (in folded position): 7″ x 10½”

Large Size:

Dimensions (in open position): 20″ x 12″
Dimensions (in folded position): 10″ x 12″

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